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Spring is Here!

May 4, 2013
Red Barn in Portage County Wisconsin

Red Barn in Portage County Wisconsin during early spring.

Our snow has finally melted in central Wisconsin. Farmers are plowing their fields, grasses are beginning to become a little green and trees are budding. A few of use have runny eyes and stuffy noses (tree allergies) but all of use have big smiles on our faces because winter seems behind us. I am sure mother nature still has a few cold weather surprises for us but spring is here.

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Between the Terminal Moraines

March 24, 2013
farm two

A farm located between two large terminal moraines in Portage County, Wisconsin

The great glacier that most recently covered Wisconsin advanced from present day Green Bay and Lake Michigan to the central portions of Portage County.  A large terminal moraine running parallel and just east of Highway 39 marks the furthest extent of the glacier. The glacier retreated for a distance just south of Highway 10 forming a second large terminal moraine. The two moraines form a single moraine north of Highway 10 then join again near Plainfield.

The land between the moraines is special as silt flowing from the glacier as it melted filled the void resulting in a very flat landscape.  The area is heavily used for farming and several open pit operations remove the remaining glacial debris for use in construction.

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