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Revisiting Favorite Places

June 10, 2013
A field of Lupine near Plainfield, Wisconsin.

A field of Lupine near Plainfield, Wisconsin.

I photograph what I know best, the landscape about me. Based on my knowledge of the area, the time of year and my best estimate of light conditions, I typically plan to visit a half dozen places during a morning’s photographic venture. I have visited many of these places multiple times before, you could call them my favorite places. I often take a new route to a favorite place and at times am reward by finding an additional favorite place.  Such is the case with today’s image.

The location is near Plainfield, Wisconsin not far from a Wisconsin State Natural Area containing a federally endangered plant. Visiting this SNA over the years, I began to notice this field of lupine becoming more impressive over time. Lupine is an important flowering plant in these parts as the Karner Blue Butterfly (a federally listed endangered species) is totally dependent on lupine for it’s life cycle.  Central Wisconsin hosts a health population of Karner Blue’s.

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