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Recombobulating in Milwaukee!

May 27, 2013
Recombobulating in Milwaukee

Recombobulating in Milwaukee

Have you ever tried joking around with the TSA employees at the airport?  Those that have, typically end up going through a more thorough than typical evaluation often behind closed doors. So I recommend being polite and humorless as you go through the TSA airport screen. Not that the TSA is completely humorless.

Just beyond the screening area at the Milwaukee County Airport, the TSA has graciously provided a Recombobulation Area.

Just what is recombobulation you may ask….the act of recombobulation is to put back into order or removing confusion. With the new TSA screening procedures that require removal of your shoes, everything from your pockets, and with your carry-on thrown into disarray as you remove your computer and liquids, I certainly feel out of sorts just after going through airport screening.  From what I can tell, seems as if this is a state of discombobulation.

Getting back to normal is then to recombobulate. Now once you are recombobulated are you combobulated? The answer is no because there is no such word as combobulate.

Seems as if the word  “discombobulate” sprung up on it’s own  independent of any previous words, with no Latin or Greek origins. It apparently formed as a joking alteration of “discompose” or “discomfit” — terms for confusing or upsetting a person. There then was no true word recombobulate or combobulate.

Wow, who ever said the TSA is humorless, they pulled a fast one at the Milwaukee Airport even coining a new word.  I understand the “Recombobulation Area” sign has become very popular with travelers going through Milwaukee. Popular enough that combobulate and recombobulate are on their way to become accepted words.

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