Monteverdi Chorale – Song and Dance

Monteverdi Chorale, "Song and Dance" at St. Peter's Church in Stevens Point, WI.  April 28, 2013.

Monteverdi Chorale, “Song and Dance” at St. Peter’s Church in Stevens Point, WI. April 28, 2013.

This has been a busy weekend for us, first a fundraising benefit for the UWSP Music Department on Friday, then Monteverdi Chorale’s performance Saturday and Sunday. Cathy has sung with the Chorale for many years. I have had the pleasure of being a Board Member for the past three years, and President for the past two years.  Jim Carpenter is a wonderful artistic director and always puts together a great program and prepares the singers for their best performance.

This is a blended image.  I took three separate exposures in quick succession, then used a photomatix Photoshop pluggin to construct an HDR image for the back ground.  The fore ground was  blended in with a normally exposed single image.

St. Peter’s is a beautiful church with acoustics that is a favorite with local choirs. Today was the first time in my memory that the sanctuary lights were left on for a performance. The lighting not only shows off the beauty of the church, but also allows the singers to have a nice degree of separation from the background.

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