Winter is fading, the ice is leaving

Last Days of Ice. Springville Pond, Plover, Wisconsin

Last Days of Ice. Springville Pond, Plover, Wisconsin

Springville Pond is a former mill pond on the Little Plover River in Portage County, Wisconsin. The image was captured just after sunrise as ice was giving way to open water.

If you cross Springville Pond on Post Road (Business 51) before trees have leafed, you will have a good view of the house Frank Lloyd Wright built for Dr. Frank Iber. According to a local historian, the house is an example of the first prefab design for Marshall Erdman Company.  I am told Dr. Iber wanted some control over construction but Frank Lloyd Wright was not one to listen.  Dr. Iber wanted to speak with the architect during his inspection trips and apparently had a standing offer to local children to be notified when Frank Lloyd Wright would pay a visit.  The architect apparently paid the children a higher rate not to announce his presence to the doctor. Guess who won and who remained frustrated?

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2 Responses to “Winter is fading, the ice is leaving”

  1. peakperspective Says:

    I miss Wisconsin. It holds my heart. Such a beautiful photograph.

  2. Elise Says:

    Greenville, Texas, Actually Looks Like Wisconsin? This Last Week! Yes, This Last Week, Actually Makes Greenville, Texas, Look A Lot Like Wisconsin? This Last Week, Anyways!

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