Wisconsin Korean War Veterans Memorial – Plover, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Korean War Veterans Memorial

Wisconsin Korean War Veterans Memorial

During these troubled times on the Korean peninsula, my mind continues to return the brave men and women who served there during the early 50’s. Within the Village of Plover is a memorial honoring their service.

The Memorial’s website describes the statuary:

“The Memorial Statuary are composed of five larger then life figures. A Nurse leads the group, because without the dedication, compassion, and bravery of the Medics, many would not have returned.

Following the Nurse are Army and Marine Infantrymen, because the Infantry bears the brunt of the battle.

Then comes the Air Force Pilot and a Sailor, without whose  support the battle would have soon been lost.

The statues face east, because Korea is in the Far East, and in memory of all who lost their lives and are still missing in action. All five figures are touching, touching in brotherhood that comes from battle.

There are no weapons on the Memorial – this is to  confirm the veteran’s wish for peace. The five figures will stand in memory of all veterans who serve our state.”

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3 Responses to “Wisconsin Korean War Veterans Memorial – Plover, Wisconsin”

  1. Chris Kincaid Says:

    We’ve driven down I-39 countless times over the years, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that we stopped at this Memorial. Very worth the visit.

  2. Catherine Bielmeier Says:

    I was very honored to be a part of the never forgotton honor flight a few years ago. One of our stops in Washington DC was at the Korean War Memorial. It made a lasting impression on me along with all the memorials we visited that day. We as a country must never forget all our vetrens who have served in all the wars & conflicts our military have been in. They honored us by their service & now we must return the honor to them. Thank you Dr. Sanderson for bringing this photo to all those who have never seen it. Thank you for helping us remember all our hero’s living & dead. There is another site you may want to photograph. In Neillsville, Wi. there is a place called the high ground. It is a beautiful memorial to all the servicemen & women who have ever served in the military in any war or conflict. Please check it out….you will not regret it.

  3. sandersonp Says:

    My father-in-law served in North Africa and Europe during WWII. He was a good and honorable man. Like many of his generation he did not talk much about his military service until later in life but I could tell he was proud of what he did but at the same time humble – just doing my job. One of the proudest days of his life was when one of his daughters took him to Washinton DC to view the war memorials.

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