My New Lawn Sprinkler

The 200LP irrigation sprinkler head that I plan to mount on my chimney.

The 200LP irrigation sprinkler head that I plan to mount on my chimney.

Last week (on April 1st ) I mentioned going over to Roberts Irrigation to look at agriculture sprinkler heads.  They just happened to have an awesome used system that was traded in by a potato farmer who desired a pivot system.  It is a real beauty and is manufactured by Rainflow Irrigation Systems.  Their Model 200LP volume gun coupled with a 5 horse power pump and a 1 inch nozzle ring can push out 150 gallons per minute and project it over 300 feet.  That should cover my lawn nicely from a central location.

After explaining my plan to water my entire lawn by mounting this rig on the top of my chimney, the salesman took off his hat, scratched his head a bit and then said it was a real novel idea.  The look on his face almost made it look like he thought it was a bit hair brained.  However his demeanor suggested he understood the real brilliance of the plan.  You see, I am an expert in thinking out of the box.  He told me it was really out side the box.

WARNING: Do not try this at home without the use of a trained professional.

It will take a bit of time to get it all set up but here is a picture (I got the picture from the Internet)  of one of these big irrigation sprinkler heads in action on an agricultural field. I will post pictures of my set-up once complete.


Gotta go, I am heading over to the local crop dusting service. I think they can fertilize and spray weed killer from the air on my lawn.  Boy will that be a time saver for me.

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3 Responses to “My New Lawn Sprinkler”

  1. Roger Black Says:

    Wow! I want to congrats you for having that new Lawn Sprinkler. I hope your plan will be more successful because of your new Lawn Sprinkler. I am looking forward for the photos that you will be posted soon. Thanks a lot!

  2. Mary Ann Says:

    Your new lawn sprinkler looks great.Thanks for adding the pictures.The irrigation sprinkler should be installed wisely installed to extract the maximum benefit from it.Hoping to see more pictures after the installation.

  3. roblox hack Says:

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