Wisconsin River Before Dawn

Wisconsin River at sunrise. Near Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Wisconsin River before dawn. Near Stevens Point, Wisconsin

The colors in this image are incredible. I am not sure how the river fog has a pink tint but the sky shows a beautiful orange. It is just that it was.

I have always been a morning person but have also grown to really appreciate the beauty that is morning. The colors of morning often fill me with wonder and awe.  I suspect this response is hard coded into us.  Over the eons, night has been a time of not only darkness and cold but also of danger. The colors of the rising sun have become associated with warmth and a lifting of the danger that was the night.

In our modern world, we typically miss the beauty of dawn. Our homes give us warmth and refuge from the dark. Only when we brave the dark are we rewarded with the dawn. When dawn is at its best, it sources a reminder of  continuing renewal and reminds us of the presence and power of God.

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