Milwaukee Museum of Art

Milwaukee Museum of Art

Milwaukee Museum of Art

These two images were taken about an hour part and even though taken from the same vantage point, show very different perspectives and lighting conditions.

The museum is very monochromatic.

The above image was purposely exposed to capture  at least some of the details of the outdoor scene through the lower windows. The interior is correspondingly underexposed. The accent lights add a bit of color contrast to the image and nicely highlight the structures above.  Landscape orientation emphasizes the horizontal dimension of the space while including as many accent lights as possible.

The image below was taken at twilight when the interior and exterior luminosity were similar. Exposure was for the interior of the museum and washed out the color of the accent lights. However twilight cast a beautiful blue through the windows. Portrait orientation emphasizes the vertical dimension and slightly soft focus takes at bit off the edge of the interior contrasts.

Milwaukee Museum of Art

Milwaukee Museum of Art

Each photographer visioned the final image differently. Both images work for me but do show how lighting and choice of exposure can impact the result.

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