Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners Lending Libraries

Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners Lending Library

Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners Lending Library

IMG_0072Nicaragua is listed among the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Education efforts have improved over the years, but there are still approximately 300,000 children outside the educational system. When you travel in Nicaragua you always see children selling trinkets, tending animals and doing a variety of odd jobs. The ability to read, write and understand printed material is a fundamental skill necessary to lift oneself out of a life of poverty.  Access to quality reading material is nearly non-existent for many Nicaraguan children.

In my last blog post, I highlighted Nicaragua’s first lending library in San Juan del Sur. This is where Amy Wiza, Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partner’s Executive Director, turned to when setting up her lending libraries. Amy, like Jane Mirandette, is a dynamo that knows a good idea when she sees one. She partnered with the Peace Corps and the Sabre Foundation to secure 12,000 Spanish books to start lending libraries. Since April 2006, W/NP has established close to 20 lending libraries through out Nicaragua.

IMG_0055Most of the libraries are based in already established Learning IMG_0056Centers which naturally augments the educational opportunities offered to the community.  Many of these centers are in the living rooms of local sponsors. In addition, the W/NP Managua office and some area schools also have collections of books to be checked out and offer activities for children.

At present there are more requests for Lending Libraries than can be accommodated.  Here is how you can help:


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