Being Agile at Glen Highland Farm

We spent a week in September attending a Canine Country Camp at Glen Highland Farm in Morris, New York.  This is an amazing facility whose primary purpose is to rescue border collies.  As part of fund raising, they host a number of dog experiences. Canine Country Camp welcomes 30 (or so) “campers” and the their gaurdians to six days of companionship, learning and activities.  We brought two of our dogs.  Amber, our biggest dog has a large sense of personal space and is nervous around strangers. Attending camp was one of our many activities to introduce her to new experiences and new people.

Amber, our Leonberger, looking pretty at Glen Hills

Amber, our Leonberger, looking pretty in the woods at Glen Highlands Farm in Morris, NY

One of the many activities at Camp was regular work on the agility course. We had exposed her to an out door agility course previously but she was too nervous and distracted to really participate.  This was really the first time she was able to work an a course (she was about 14 months old). Below are several images of her as she first got to know the basic equipement.

Taking Care on the dog walk

Taking care on the dog walk

The agility instructors (Rosie Sutherland and Jessica Ajoux)  are pretty sharp. Jessica set up a fence on either side of the dog walk so Amber would be lined up to squarely enter the walk. Her normal gait is wider than the walk, so getting squarly on was a key to her success. It was pretty cool seeing a big dog gaining confidence  as she managed this task.

Through the tunnel and over the jump on the way to the platform we go.

Through the tunnel and over the jump to the platform we go.

It was very satisfying to see her traverse three stations as part of one exercise. She like most dogs, seemed to really enjoy the tunnel once she mastered it.

Good Girl, you made it

Good Girl, you made it

I have heard it said that dogs gain a certian sense of confidence as they become more proficient on the agility course.  That sure seemed to be true with Amber.

I will add more images and posts about the Canine Adventure Camp and Glen Highland Farm. I will tag them all with “dog” so you can use the MDLeader search feature to find them all.

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