Glen HighLand Farm, Border Collie Rescue At Its Best!


Over the next few days, I will be posting a few images about our recent stay at Glen Highland Farm, the class act of border collie rescue facilities.  I was very impressed with the dedication of the staff and the job they are doing to place border collies in good homes.  This is a wonderful place to experience the love that is common to all those who have felt touched by a dog. I could write a bit more about this great place but maybe the founder’s words say it better than I could:

“Glen Highland Farm is a dream long in the making.  A gorgeous 175 acres of rolling countryside, it is a place for dogs and people to join in nature.  This dream came from its two founders, Lillie Goodrich and John Andersen.  Both were inspired by their first border collie, Luke, to create a place to help this often misunderstood breed.  This perfect property with hemlock forests, ponds, a long-winding creek and abundant wildlife was found after a three month search all over New England.  The goal had been to leave our 2-acre home in Connecticut in exchange for a large property on which a Border Collie Rescue Sanctuary could be created, along with a place for inner-city kids to vacation and work closely with the dogs to heal their own wounds.  Plus, our vision included a vacation camp for adults and families that would strengthen their bond to their beloved companion dogs.  We truly wanted a place where the natural rhythms of nature were louder and stronger than any city lives we’d previously known.  We also wanted that place to be so special that others would want to spend time there, too.”

If you are looking for an organization worthy of support with your dollars – look no further.  If you are looking for a place to spend time with your dog, this it.  Check out their website.

Glen Highland Farm website

I will add more images and posts about the Canine Adventure Camp and Glen Highland Farm. I will tag them all with “dog” so you can use the MDLeader search feature to find them all.

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