Potica – A Slovenian Bread

Potica - a Slovenian bread that is one of our holiday traditions.

Potica – a Slovenian bread that is one of our holiday traditions.

Making potica has become one of our family traditions.  Cathy was taught by her mother how to make it. It generally takes a gathering of the whole family to make this traditional bread.  Typically we have potica for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

Nearly everyone was home for Thanksgiving – we had a good group effort. This Christmas is slightly different.  Cathy made the potica early this Christmas season so we could present some to her elderly aunt and uncle when we visited this past weekend.  Neither of them can see very well, but their taste buds were delighted with a taste of this season’s batch.  To see such joy makes all the effort worth while.

What  are your family baking traditions?

In so far as baking goes, poticas can be considered Slovenian.  Even the name itself was developed from the Slovenian work “povitica” meaning “something rolled in”. Other nationalities have breads that resemble potica. The most popular poticas contain raisins, honey, walnuts and pecans.  We omit raisins but use just a bit of cinnamon. Once the dough is mixed, it is beaten by hand for 20 minutes and then set out to rise. The dough is then rolled out and the honey/nut filling is spread out on top.  The dough is rolled up and placed in baking pans to rise again. After baking, it is ready to eat.

At least in our household, potica has a very short life after baking.

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2 Responses to “Potica – A Slovenian Bread”

  1. Rocky Mountain Potica Says:

    Vesel Bozic! from the Slovenian Rocky Mountain Potica family
    You made a Beautiful Potica

  2. sandersonp Says:

    Thank you so much. I viewed your website. Very nice. I am so happy to learn there is a commercial enterprise offering potica. Thank you so much for providing an opportunity to enjoy potica again for those who are not able make it themselves.

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