Getting Better With Age

Water Lily, water drops and spider

Water Lily, water drops and spider

Many things get better with time. As a landscape photographer, my images rarely appeal to me immediately after witnessing a beautiful scene.   The camera just cannot capture the image as well as the eye/brain can see it.  Once the memory fades a little bit, my images begin to look much better to me and I can begin to process them.  It typically takes a year from the time of image capture before it appears on the gallery wall.

I also know that images that have been processed but not printed often become appealing years later.  My digital files are arranged allowing me to scan a large number of images in a short amount of time. Yesterday I was looking for another image when this image of a water lily caught my eye.  This image was captured some five years ago.

Like nearly all images in this blog, this is a local image. This time right in my own backyard. In a previous post I described the bog pond in our backyard. This also reminds me, you do not have to travel far and wide to find good images, they are often in your own backyard.

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