Moraine Lake – Harrison Hills

Moraine Lake, Harrison Hills, Wisconsin

Moraine Lake, Harrison Hills, Wisconsin

Through the eons, Wisconsin topography has been molded by glaciation. Some 15,000 years ago, the eastern edge of the Wisconsin Valley Lobe extended to an area between US 51 and Highway 17 in northern Wisconsin.  The leading edge of the glacier carried a considerable amount of glacial till that would eventually be deposited on the landscape during times of ice melt. At the terminus of glacier migration, large terminal moraines formed at the site of till release.  In other areas of successive glacier advance and retreat, a more irregular deposition of the till formed irregular shaped hills.

As the glacier finally retreated, ice blocks would be left in the valleys of the newly formed hills.  The weight of the ice blocks further depressed the valley floors forming small lakes as the blocks melted. One such glacial formed lake is Moraine Lake in Harrison Hills.

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