Whiting Municipal Center, My Salute to Veterans

Whiting Municipal Center, Whiting, Wisconsin

Today’s image of the American Flag flying over the Whiting Municipal Center is my salute to Veterans on this day dedicated to Veterans.  Before Mass on Sunday at St. Bronislava Parish, images of current service men and women were projected on an overhead screen.  Even though we have a large parish, I was impressed with the number of images displayed.  At the end of Mass, all active duty and veteran members of our armed forces were asked to come up to the altar for a blessing.  Again I was impressed with the large number and it appeared to be a  larger percent of the those present than the 8% of our population that have been in the military. My thanks to each and every one of them.

Having been carved out of the town of Plover in 1947, the Village of Whiting is one of the younger and smaller villages in Wisconsin.  With a little over 2 square miles, you might be excused if you have not noticed this community.  However small, this Village deserves to be noticed.  Sitting along the Wisconsin River, it boasts three paper mills and some very scenic views.  It also hosts McDill Dam, the source of impoundment for McDill Pond. The Municipal Center  houses Whiting’s volunteer fire department.  The tower in the center of image with a USA flag in the window is a drying tower  for fire hoses.

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