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Screen shot of Vatican City Virtual Tour on (not an executable image)

I have a passion for panographic images.  In my own photography I strive to capture images that produce a WOW from the viewer.  Today I am presenting a website that literally took my breath away. is a Moscow based group of photo enthusiasts, dedicated to creating hi-resolution aerial panoramas. Usually photographed from a helicopter, however at times they use light jets, dirigibles, hot air balloons, and radio-controlled helicopters.

The AirPano team has created aerial photo panoramas and virtual tours of the most significant places of our planet. All the panoramas are of the highest artistic and technical quality. New virtual tours are published on weekly. The tours are truly spectacular.

Here the top ten viewed virtual tours on the site:

Taj Mahal
Angel Waterfall of Venezuela – The World’s Highest Waterfall
Hong Kong – the City Where Dreams Come True
Unreal Aircraft of Ivan Roslyakov
Day view of Manhattan, New York, USA
San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge in the Fog
Machu Picchu – the ancient city of the Inca Empire
Virtual Tour of Toronto, Canada
Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt
Virtual Tour of Dubai City, UAE
Luminous Las Vegas at Dusk
New York
St.Moritz, Swiss Alps, Virtual Tour


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