Morning On The Buena Vista

Magical Morning on the Buena Vista Grassland, Portage County, Wisconsin

We all have those locations that mean something special to us. Mine is the Buena Vista Grasslands in southern Portage County. Having been formerly a vast swamp land that was drained at the turn of century, this area is primarily low lands.  During early mornings, the air is often heavy and damp.  Fog will typically shroud the morning landscape only to be lifted as the sun warms the area. I love watching the ground fog as it swirls around the terrain and slowly dissolves. Typically you can hear distant sandhill cranes filling the air with their seemingly prehistoric call that is unmistakable to all those of have ever heard it. The image above was captured on land actively managed by the DNR for preservation of the prairie chicken.  The hay bale may seem out of place however it is part of the DNR’s management plan.  Periodic cutting of the fields prevents growth of woody plants that would eventually take over and destroy prairie chicken habitat.

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