Cranberries: After the Harvest

Owen Rock Cranberries: after the harvest

The above image is interesting for a couple of reasons

1. Notice how neat and orderly the blocks of wood are on top of the water control culvert?  This is one small detail of how the owners and managers operate the marsh.  It is a food production facility. There is no trash, everything is orderly, no smoking is allowed and they even have vacuums to dispose of left over organic material.

2. The tractor tire paths in cranberry beds are straight as an arrow – thanks to the GPS system I referred to in a previous post.

3. Heiligenschein (‘holy light’) is the is the term used to define the brightened area noted around my camera (notice the tripod shadow) on this dew covered cranberry  bed.  Light cast from early morning sun behind the camera is totally reflected from water droplets located directly opposite the sun (the anitsolar point). The antisolar point is  at the shadow of my camera.  Resulting reflected light produces the glow or Heiligenschein, a German term for halo or “Saint’s shine”. This effect is commonly seen if you know to look for it.

Although the harvest is over, the work on the marsh continues.  In the months ahead I hope to share with you images of what it takes to prepare the beds for winter and get ready for next season.

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