Cranberry Uploading Station

Owen Rock Cranberries: Uploading Station

1. The boom up-take-reel gradually pulls in the boom pushing the cranberries toward

2. The intake basket. A ring of water jets help to herd the cranberries towards the basket.

Water jets help direct cranberries into the uptake basket.

3. Cranberries are pulled out of the marsh via the orange tube into the washing and sorting unit. Sprayers wash and separate the berries from other organic matter.

Cranberries moving up in the sorter

Cranberries are  then transported via conveyor trays and are blown into a

4. Waiting semi that when full, will proceed to the processing plant not far away.

Cranberries loading into a trailer.

5. Tractors power the operation.  Organic waste is pumped into a dump truck. The bed of the truck acts as a large colander allowing water to drain back into marsh.

Refuse Truck, Owen Rock Cranberries

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