Cranberry On The Vine, Owen Rock Cranberries

Owens Rock Cranberries on the Vine. Adams County, Wisconsin

This is part of a series of images I will  be posting about the cranberry harvest in Wisconsin.  At the invitation of its on site manager, I paid a visit this week to Owen Rock Cranberries. It’s name comes from Owen’s Rock located just north of the marsh. Please see my previous post for an image of Owen’s Rock.

The cranberry is a big deal in Wisconsin; it is our state fruit and our biggest fruit crop. Wisconsin produces more cranberries than any other state.  Once just thought of as part of a Thanksgiving dinner, it is now a popular snack food, salad garnish, jam and increasingly a major component of fruit juices.

The wet sandy soils of central Wisconsin that were formerly the lake bed of Glacial Lake Wisconsin produce great growing conditions for cranberries. Most people seem to think that the cranberry is a water plant, however it is a vine that grows in our sandy soil. The fruit contains air pockets allowing it to float when the cranberry bed is flooded with water.  This allows easy harvesting.

The berries in the above image will be harvested within a few days. The top of the vine has already gone dormant, the green portion is still growing.

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