Hei Corners School – Plover Heritage Park

HEI Corner school house at Plover’s Heritage Park

Class Room, HEI Corner School, Plover Heritage Park

Constructed in 1898, the Hei Corners School functioned as a one-room school until the late 1940’s. The building served as a joint school for the towns of Amherst and Scandinavia. It received its name from the Norwegian word Hei, which means an upland or moor. Since it was located at an intersection of two roads (County Road T and V) as well as being located on an upland, it was given the name Hei Corners School.

After being closed the school sat vacant for a number of years.  Eventually the school was donated to UWSP with plans to move it and restore it as a museum on campus. After being unable to receive the necessary approvals, the school was donated to the Portage County Historical Society. Since being moved to Plover’s Heritage Park it has been restored with authentic one room schoolhouse furnishings. The school once again is part of our educational system as it serves as a living historical classroom for students of the Stevens Point Area School District.

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