Ice Age Trail – Deerfield Segment

Starting the hike along the IAT in a slight drizzle. The dogs attention was diverted due to a squirrel.

This weekend we hiked the Deerfield Segment of the Ice Age Trail, one of only eleven National Scenic Trails in the United States. It is a thousand-mile footpath highlighting Wisconsin’s Ice Age heritage and scenic beauty. The trail is still being assembled and currently consists of multiple discontinuous segments. The route of the Ice Age Trail generally follows the terminal moraine of Wisconsin’s most recent glacier, which retreated from the state more than 10,000 years ago.

This weekend, Wisconsin has received its first significant rainfall in some time.  We almost aborted our hike, but after consulting weather radar, decided to take a chance.  We were rewarded with only a periodic light drizzle and a luscious ground fog.

Following the moraines along the Green Bay Lobe’s western edge, the trail passes through terrain that can highlight Wisconsin’s fall colors.

Red pine plantations have been thinned to allow regeneration of whites pines, once extensive in Wisconsin.

The Deerfield Segment is in Waushara County. It generally follows the forest covered moraine of the glacier’s Green Bay Lobe’s western edge. Much of the trail traverses private land some of which is red pine plantation.  The red pines have been thinned to allow light to naturally  regenerate white pines. Extensive logging in the 1800s removed most of Wisconsin’s vast tracts of white pines.

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