Weather Front on the Buena Vista Grasslands

The flat lands of the Buena Vista is a great place to witness the rolling in of weather fronts even if by accident. I knew there was weather north of town but this front unexpectedly came up behind me as I was driving south into the Grasslands. Amber (my Leonberger) and I got out of the car to image the irrigation system highlighted against the dark sky with wildflowers in the foreground. This image was intended to be a trial shot to make sure the exposure was correct, but weather was about to intervene.

I felt the start of a stiff breeze and looked up and was surprised to see a weather front beginning to pass overhead. The flowers in the foreground began to sway as the breeze picked up. The front seemed to be less active to the west but got meaner towards the east.

I moved the camera position a bit and managed to squeeze off one more image as the wind action began to get intense. Amber was next to me with a look on her face suggesting it was time to go.

Heading back the car, the wind got really intense kicking up a good dust storm on the horizon. The clouds at the leading edge of the front were now rolling into themselves. Amber and I scampered quickly back into the car. This image was taken handheld through an open window. I mistakenly leveled the camera at the angle of the front but did not correct the error as the image suggests a level of disarray that seemed appropriate.
I usually do not take or display sequence images. Let me if you like the approach and narrative. By the way, I had intended to include Amber in an image or two, but the session was cut short by circumstances.


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