Pre-loading Data into the EHR

Our EHR Project is now officially underway with the Kickoff off at our Pilot. There are so many tasks needed to allow the Pilot to be successful but one in particular  will be preloading important data. Many organizations have choosen not to preload data, the philosophy seems to be that care teams learn how to use the EHR through the process of entering baseline data.  We believe the EHR should be of value to our care teams from the very first day. Entering data should be a by-product of patient care, not preparation for patient care.

We have initiated a large project aimed at identifying what data from our paper chart, lab systems and hospital information systems should be loaded into CattailsMD before the EHR is used for patient care.  We are building interfaces that once established, will load current labs, reports, dictations, x-ray reports and links to x-ray images into CattailsMD. There are historical results that will be necessary to track essential preventive and disease management services. We  will identify and load these items into CattailsMD before Go-Live.

In addition, we will identify types of historical paper documents we will routinely scan and load into CattailsMD.  Care providers will also be able to identify those special documents unique to a patient that should be scanned and loaded.

Part of the pre-Go-Live process at each site will be to preload the current medication and allergy lists.  The more accurate the paper lists, the more accurate the initial EHR list will be.

From the very first use of CattailsMD, our clinicians will have access to all the documents and data loaded since the interfaces went live plus all the data we have preloaded.   Our efforts will be rewarded when our clinicians open a patient’s record for the first time and have a WOW moment because they see the value of EHR with their own eyes.

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One Response to “Pre-loading Data into the EHR”

  1. Billy Says:

    You’re talking all of the right steps and I commend your team for their prep. The amount of benefit and value you’ll realize from your implementation will be directly proportional to the amount of prep that you put into it. Good luck!

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