St. Peter’s Church

Stevens Point grew up along the Wisconsin River.  The area was initially inhabited by Polish immigrants who built St. Peter’s Catholic Church in 1897. Recognizing the strong Polish roots, Polish Cardinal Karol Wojtyla visited the church in 1976.  He later became Pope John Paul II.

This image is an HDR and looks over the Wisconsin River as St Peter’s tower is back lighted by the rising sun.

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One Response to “St. Peter’s Church”

  1. Kali King Says:


    I am working on an interpretive media plan for downtown Stevens Point for a class at UWSP. My group is designing interpretive panels/signs for the city. I would like to ask your permission to potentially use this photo on our panels as the title bar. If we decide to use it, credit would be given to you on the front of the panels. I would be happy to send you an electronic copy of my panel if you would like to see it first.

    Note: these panels will not necessarily be created and installed downtown; for now it is just a plan that we are putting a book together for.

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