Bog Pond

Water gardening has become fairly popular in central Wisconsin. We created this bog garden about five years ago.  It is roughly 30 feet in diameter and kidney bean shaped. Most of the pond is less than six inches deep with a section in the middle about 2 feet deep. The shallow sections are for bog plants that like to be very wet and the center section is for deeper water plants.  The edge is rimmed with stones that is now covered with various rock garden plants. In front of the pond is a two foot wide section within a liner extending about two feet down and poked with holes.  The dirt in this area stays very moist but not as wet as within the pond itself.

The plants are all winter hardy and most have survived temperatures to at least -30. There always seems to be something blooming.  The pond has attracted turtles, frogs and dragonflies. We’ve tried keeping fish but the local blue herons clean us out fairly quickly.

The pond has become a true source of enjoyment for my family.

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