Wisconsin River Sunrise

This stretch of the Wisconsin River is one of my favorite locations to watch sunrise.  It is just downstream from a paper mill in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. A gentle southerly wind will direct steam from the mill over the river often resulting in a spectacular sunrise. On the day this image was captured, the sky was clear and a slight mist was rising from the river. Light from the rising sun highlighted both the steam and the rising mist.

This image is a high dynamic range (HDR) constructed from seven separate images. The images were captured using a static aperture but variable shutter speed resulting in a full f-stop between images. Images were combined using Photoshop CS3 and a Photomatix tone mapping plug-in.

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2 Responses to “Wisconsin River Sunrise”

  1. Ethan Koerten Says:

    Awesome work on this. Stunning piece.

  2. Tonia Reeder Says:

    Dr. Sanderson – may I purchase the rights to use this image for our physician recruiting purposes? If so, could you let me know how to go about obtaining your permission? Thank you,
    Tonia Reeder, Director of Resource Development / Merritt Hawkins / 469-524-5527 direct / 800-876-0500 toll free / email: tonia.reeder@amnhealthcare.com

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