Heiligenschein or “Holy Light” in a Hay Field

Heiligenschein or “Holy Light” is the term used to define the brightened area noted around my shadow’s head in this dew covered hay field in central Wisconsin.  Light cast from early morning sun behind me is totally reflected from water droplets located directly opposite the sun (the anitsolar point). The antisolar point is  at the shadow of my head and camera.  Resulting reflected light produces the glow or Heiligenschein, a German term for halo or “Saint’s shine”. This effect is commonly seen if you know to look for it.

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One Response to “Heiligenschein or “Holy Light” in a Hay Field”

  1. urban Says:

    Hi, what abot when this Heiligenschein is ONLY at one person over when 2 persons are standing cloe by ? best regards, Thomas

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