Working as a Team

My employer, Ministry Health Care, partners physician leaders with a non-physician leader.  The teams are intended to provide patient centered vision from the clinician and strong administrative management skills from the partner.  The concept works well when the two truly work as a team.

My partner is Ministry’s CIO.  Behind closed doors we sometimes agree and sometimes disagree but the collaboration always produces a stronger deliverable than either of us could have accomplished in isolation. Once the door is opened, we present a united front. Communication of vision is so important, we just cannot afford to disagree in public.

Ministry is a large organization spread over north and central Wisconsin. Though we often present together, more often we go our separate ways to appear in front of diverse audiences.  We work hard to present the same message using the same PowerPoint presentation. The current PowerPoint is constantly updated but the document is located on QuickBase which can be accessed from any internet connection.  We access the latest version just prior to each presentation.  We also use a custom design template with an embedded graphic for each type of presentation. The various templates help to tie the message together.

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