Questions are Good

I just love questions after sending out a communication. A question means:

  • They read what you sent
  • The issue was important to them
  • You engaged them
  • You know additional types of information to include next time

Make sure to answer every question personally.  An e-mail response to a question sent via e-mail works, a phone call or a personal visit works even better. Assume if one person asked the question others are thinking of the same issue. I often send a follow-up communication with answers to all the questions asked.  If the topic is ongoing, consider starting a Frequently Asked Questions intranet page and do not forget to send out the URL.

Any Questions?

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2 Responses to “Questions are Good”

  1. jairy hunter Says:

    Well, sort of…

    I get a lot of questions about what I’ve written to my docs–I guess my email missives to the them tend to be a bit wordy and encourages them NOT to read…because the questions I get are generally already answered (if they’d only read my email).

  2. sandersonp Says:

    Perhaps your docs questions will result in more focused missives.

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