Communicate Something Rather Than Nothing

Establishing access to a communication specialist has been one of my CIO’s better moves.  Our specialist has taught us so much not the least of which is to communicate often.

There is never a time when all the information is complete, the idea fully developed or the story fully told.  It is tempting to hold off a communication until next week when we know more information, and then next week hold off another week. Before you know it, you have delayed a month and never communicated.

Establish how often you should be communicating with an audience (just ask them, they will tell you) and stick to the schedule.  Say what you can and if more will be forthcoming don’t be afraid to say so.  Your audience will appreciate it.

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One Response to “Communicate Something Rather Than Nothing”

  1. jairy hunter Says:

    You’re exactly right about procrastination, I have elevated excusing myself for not communicating to an art form so that I often end up having to call all the individuals involved….I’ve also been burned by attempted coups in the form of mass emails with everyone and his brother cc’d. Luckily most of the MDs I am charged with check email once a week or less. By the time most of them get to it, the revolutionary was caught and executed.

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