Plan For the Future

One important duty for a leader is planning for the future. When we first implemented Practice Partner (see my previous post Business Needs Should Drive Technology Solutions) we installed a single user workstation.  It served our needs at the time but it was not hard to see the need for a multi-user system and the desire of the nursing staff to document their phone conversations electronically.

We were at a time before Practice Partner had templates and before anyone in our local area knew anything about networks or stringing cable.  At about the time I had finished design/testing phone documentation templates and found a source to help us network, staff made a plea to allow more nurses access to the system at one time and document their phone calls.  Because of planning, we were able to deliver a solution when the business needed it.  The nurses were happy to learn how to log on to the system and learn how to use templates.  As they used the system, we made a series of improvements  further advancing  their workflow. Had I pushed implementation, there would have been resistance. Had I not planned, we could not have been as responsive to our business needs.

As I have taken on larger responsibilities, the need for planning remains. It is just a bit more complex, time consuming and requires greater vision into the future.

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