Schedule a Meeting

A great administrative assistant is worth their weight in gold. I share Barb with at least two other administrators but yet she performs flawlessly.  We all feel the pinch when she takes time off during the winter for her favorite activity, ice fishing (I do not know what kind of ice she is fishing for, but she sure does enjoy it). Here is what she does to make my life easier when scheduling meetings in Outlook:

  1. Schedules enough time for travel to and from meetings.
  2. Makes sure to include meeting locations.
  3. Attaches any needed documents within the body of the appointment.
  4. Schedules a place for me to work when out of town and between meetings.
  5. If the meeting is virtual, includes all the contact or log in information necessary.
  6. Formats phone numbers so I can dial them on my Blackberry by highlighting and clicking.
  7. E-mails me if in the next 24 hours a meeting changes.
  8. Scans my schedule to make sure there are no overbooked times and resolves them.
May there be a Barb in your life, you can not have mine.
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