E-mail Signatures

You are now a newly minted physician leader.  What do you do after celebrating and saying a silent prayer hoping you can do the job?

You order a new sign for the door, new business cards and new stationary (assuming  you still operate partially in a paper world).  What do you use as your e-mail signature?

There are two schools of thought. The first takes a minimalist approach; just type in a shortened version of your name.  Those who follow this approach seem to believe the more important you are, the more everyone knows you. The second approach is to use an elaborate preformatted signature.  Lean towards the second approach.

A leader who is effective, will have an ever growing sphere of influence.  You will be taking on new responsibilities from time to time, changing your office location and even your phone number.  You will miss opportunities if people do not know how to find you.

I have configured two signatures for use in my Outlook e-mail. A more elaborate signature is used for all e-mail I originate.  It contains all the necessary information to contact me.  I include both my mailing address and office location since they are different.

Long signature

The second signature is used on all replies and forwarded mail.  I make sure to include my e-mail address since prior addresses are typically stripped off when communications are forwarded.


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