Inaugural Post

Welcome to my inaugural post on MD Leader.  


The focus of my observations will be physician leadership and electronic health records.  The opinions and observations on this Blog are purely mine and do not necessarily represent my employer or my superiors. I am in the midst of a major EHR implementation while attending the Physician Executive MBA Program at the University of Tennessee.  The idea of a Blog is a result of a Leadership Development Program exercise. I have been journaling my experiences as a way of focusing on developing specific leadership skills. A Blog seemed to be a natural outgrowth of journaling. I hope you will find value as I share my observations.


My interest in leadership goes back many years.  I was the founder and managing partner of a family physician group in Wisconsin.  We were believers in advanced access before the term was coined and implemented one of the first electronic medical records (Practice Partner) in Wisconsin. I have had extensive experience as Utilization Review Advisor for our local hospital and for many years served as a facilitator for Sentinel Event root cause analysis.


We were acquired by Ministry Health Care about 10 years ago.  Since then I have held a number of leadership positions including Department Chairman, Chief Medical Officer, Regional VP of a medical group, and now DMIO.   I am currently in the midst of implementing an EHR for a large geographically dispersed medical group and visioning our future data warehouse needs.


This past year I began to attend the Physician Executive Management MBA Program at the University of Tennessee. I will write more about my experience at a future date, but if you are considering formal management training, be sure to consider PEMBA. 

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